A downloadable game for Windows

Found a exit from this dungeon. Beware dark and monsters. Found loot and fuel for your torch. Place lights for you path. How far can you go?

Try Easy for first play and Rogue Difficult when you ready for a pain!

  • Endless dungeons (6+ them styles)
  • Only keyboard context inputs
  • W - Move/Attack
  • A - Rotate Left/Pushing Skill
  • D - Rotate Right/(in fight can used like cheat for healing)
  • E - Inventory (only view)
  • ESC - Quit Game - No any other options for now )
  • H - for hardcore playstyle try it if you know all buttons


EasyDifficult_TBR_winX64_Kiborgik.zip 159 MB
RogueDifficult_TBR_winX64_Kiborgik.zip 159 MB

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