A downloadable game for Windows

Fly-islands and pirates - visual novel with roguelike elements, reputations system and procedural map.

  • visual novel
  • fly with mouse and (WS) or WASDQEZX
  • interact with flying garbage F
  • shoot any other ship - Shift+LMB
  • found Merchant in any Town
  • dont forget about your cargo and stats

Comment pls ;)


I created a build in which I didn’t add many things, because they were not fully developed and could break the game. Better less but playable. If people like my idea, I will bring the prototype to my mind and finish the plot and everything I wanted. And of course lay out for free. 


Kiborgik_tales-of-air-pirates.zip 557 MB


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multiple rooms? development of personal islands? defenses? invasions? finite world? finite resources? stats boards? competitions? lots of potential. GJ :)

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hello ugly boy, thank you for this comment